Ep 1: Closing the widening wealth gap and restoring the middle class

Discussion of the episode found here: Problemattic

My takeaways from this interview:

  1. Kimber is every bit the badass I believed her to be and Arizona is really lucky to have her working on this stuff.

  2. The highest-leverage assets I could envision us creating that could help meaningfully shape consumer behavior and tip 10% more purchases towards locally-owned businesses are:

  • On the awareness front we need some type of highly viral campaign to generate awareness of the issues Kimber explained. Condensing that all to a cogent, transmissible message is the challenge. I don’t know what the “ALS ice bucket challenge equivalent” is for this space but whoever cracks that could have a massive impact on reaching and convincing people the importance of this one.

  • Once you have awareness, the next domino to knock over is creating behavioral change and the most potent way I can think to do that is creating a simple, convenient means by which to visualize one’s purchases and understand the money flows and what impact that has. If people can easily see impact of their purchasing decisions and run whatif scenarios that can start to shape consumer behavior in a meaningful way. Something along the lines of a weekly report card one can check to see how you did this last week and what that translates to in terms of downstream effects.

  1. Personally I’ve already made a behavior modification to not default to Amazon for every purchase. I now check local options and fallback to Amazon when those are not feasible. Simple yet powerful change.

If you have any questions for Kimber or thoughts on the episode chime in and start the conversation.