Ep 2: A grassroots community movement for feeding & clothing the homeless

Discussion of the episode here: Problemattic

I’ve known Julia since October of 2019 when we did our Charity Makeover event for them in Barcelona. I think the real opportunity here is to take what we started in Adalo and port it to Bubble. We ran into some issues with weird edge-case bugs that resulted in them having to revert to using the Google Sheet after a few months of usage. The immediate benefit of rolling out a fully-functioning bug-free app in Bubble for them would be:

  1. streamlining the admin overhead to conduct the weekly runs
  2. reactivating some of the volunteers who fall off the radar due to the way the FB newsfeed algorithm works
  3. once this is built it’s trivial to then deploy it in other cities. We package up the learnings of the Barcelona group and Esperanca can then begin to open chapters in other cities with a city admin for each. We already built tiered permissions in the mobile app we created and added the necessary database fields to support multi-city presence with different local admins. This is how this effort scales beyond Barcelona and starts to have global footprint.

What were your thoughts after listening to this interview?