Ep 6: Food Insecurity & the Digital Divide

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My takeaways on this one are that it ticks a couple boxes making it a good potential candidate project for us in that:

  1. There’s already a PoC app to model against. It’s very clear what the need is so unlike some of the other projects where we’re envisioning some futuristic potential app that might move the needle, there is already a proven MVP in place and we just need to improve and productize it.
  2. This clearly has the ability to help Jeff in his cause with his 15,000 constituents in Phoenix but it also meets the objective of being something that broad potential across other locales. If we build it in a thoughtful abstracted way such that it can be easily configured by other sister organizations to Creighton Community Foundation then it scales and has amplified impact.

Thoughts? A question I meant to ask but failed to do so was “Has Jeff attempted offering an IVR tree as well as the SMS-based interface to services?” My assumption is the voice-interface is cost-preclusive and they went with SMS for the cost factor. I would think voice might be easier for non-techie people to navigate (assuming there are multi-lingual versions in their native language). Will ask him to comment here on this ^^.