How are bounty awards decided?

Bounties have various characteristics as determined by the seed funder at the time of creation. Two of these characteristics are:

  • Funding type: What happens if the funding target is not met by the specified deadline
  • Winner type: How the winner is chosen

The two funding types are:

  • All or Nothing: (essentially like Kickstarter): the minimum funding target must be met via crowdfunding by the funding deadline or the bounty expires and changes to status “failed to fund.”
  • Partial OK: (essentially like Indiegogo): the bounty is what it is at the time of payout and executes regardless of whether it met its funding goal.

The two winner types are:

  • Best by Deadline: Submissions close on the expiration date and the winner is chosen via an independent review board who review the submissions and pick the winner subjectively via deliberation per the payout criteria specified by the bounty seeder.
  • First to Deliver: Submissions are evaluated in the order they come in by an independent review board. The winning submission is the first one to meet all the payout criteria specified by the bounty seeder.

Our review board is a group of unpaid advisors listed at the bottom of this page who are awarded Problemattic Meta tokens for their time in evaluating bounty submissions. They are precluded from participating as investors or contributors in any of the projects on the platform and therefore can only ever earn Problemattic Meta tokens ensuring they have no conflict of interest in evaluating bounty submissions.