How does it work with intellectual property licensing?

When you nominate a project to Problemattic as the project owner you are signing over IP to Problemattic and in turn taking control over the token treasury for your project which gives you the ability to create task bounties with token rewards to incentivize creation of the deliverables you need to execute your project. Problemattic retains the IP in escrow under a placeholder entity for your project and commits to the future issuance of a non-revokable, perpetual, non-exclusive sale of that IP in exchange for its portion of ownership in the formal entity that gets created.

If/when the project ultimately spins out into a formalized entity whether that be a DAO, commercial for-profit or non-profit, the cap table maintained by Problemattic for the project is used in the founding of that entity to set the initial holdings of its founding members. Problemattic sells to the project the escrowed IP in exchange for its apportioned ownership in the formal entity per its token allotment on the cap table.

IP of projects designated by the project owner as “Open Source” defaults to issuance under the MIT OSS license unless explicitly stated otherwise in writing by the project owner at the time of submission. This IP is by nature inherently available to use across other projects and depending on the type of license chosen, carries different ramifications in terms of how that IP must be used and attributed.

Likewise, contributors to projects when they register an asset they developed and submit it in satisfaction of an open task bounty assign their IP ownership to Problemattic and this IP joins the repository of the project.

This entire process is in place to ensure clean provenance of IP so that if and when projects develop into formalized entities there are no encumbrances which would preclude establishment of a clean cap table at that point. This also guards against the possibility of a faction of project’s members going rogue and exfiltrating IP to establish an unsanctioned entity for the sake of subverting the official cap table maintained via the Problemattic application. Problemattic retains time-stamped copies of all legal clickthrough agreements establishing this chain of IP provenance.