How does the 2-strikes no-show policy work?

Our quarterly Fixathon events are incredibly time-intensive to organize and execute and we keep them decidedly free for attendees always in spite of the costs associated with holding them. If you RSVP to an event it’s expected that you’ll show up. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can change your ability to attend but if that happens you’re obligated to cancel your RSVP prior to the start of the event. “Having a big night” the night before an event is not an acceptable excuse. You wouldn’t use that excuse with your employer, don’t use that at our events. Failing to cancel a RSVP and not showing up counts as a “no show.” Accruing two “no shows” results in suspension of your account and inability to participate in future Problemattic events.

You can cancel at any time by clicking your avatar to get to your admin, navigating to “My Events,” choosing the event you’ve RSVP’d for:

And then hitting the cancel button:

This policy exists not to punish people but to ensure all event participants respect the sheer amount of effort, expense and social capital required to pull off our events and acknowledge that it’s a privilege to attend. When you stand up your fellow team mates you let them down and you disrespect the organizer. This truancy is especially harmful when there is a waitlist and you take someone else’s spot by RSVP’ing and then failing to show up. There is therefore very little tolerance for no-shows.

The good news is if your account is suspended due to no-show violations, you can appeal it by explaining your situation in a comment below and we’ll reinstate your account if there are mitigating circumstances that justify doing so. Thanks for showing common courtesy and respect and if you have any questions about this policy, ask away in a comment below.