How does the "Street Team" work?

The “Street Team” gives you the ability to earn stake in projects birthed at an event by helping with the promotional aspect in advance of the event. You get a custom QR code with your tracking link and some physical posters to put up around town. It uses the Referral Program system to attribute signups you originate and then you get a cut of the token issuance if any of these participants go on to lead a project.

The way it works is this:

  • When there’s a new event in your area, get in touch with the event organizer via Discord, give them your referral code and indicate your interest to help put up posters.
  • They will issue you some posters with your custom QR code so that anyone who scans that code and ends up joining the platform will be credited to you.
  • Send photos to the organizer when you install the poster so he/she knows you’ve fulfilled your side of the arrangement and are eligible for receiving future posters.
  • The organizer can at his/her discretion choose to batch things and distribute all posters with custom codes in a group setting.

From that point it works with precisely the same mechanics as the Referral Program for earning stake in projects. You can also use other methods to advertise the event and as long as the recipients use your referral link to join the event you’ll receive attribution for their signup and be eligible for rewards.