Lift Me Up: Rebrand

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I agree about the rebrand, the experience seemed more like a yoga studio booking app. On Fiverr you can find super cheap designers to help you do some of the work. If you have 0 budget, Logo Maker: Create a Free Logo in Minutes (2023) this is a very good tool for free. Alternatively, I’ve tried playing around with Dall-e but from my experience it’s not great for designing logo / product stuff but there might be alternative generative AI models that are better for that.

Hey, i gonna sent you my ideas for it until tomorrow :slight_smile:

I just realized the current logo is problem - attic, and thats why you used a house. haha. Its the problem in the attic, but also its Problematic. Nice Sean nice. Perhaps a G rated horror theme, like there is a gremlin or something stirring in the attic. I will give you an example: like a Spielberg movie ghost or something, peering through the attic door. I would love to see some ideas here. Will fund.

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Do a Google search for free Logo design. You will get several hits.