Problem: Erosion of Privacy

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UK going full Orwell with their proposed “Online Safety Bill” that would require government backdoors into any encrypted messaging service effectively killing Signal, iMessage, WhatsApp and other private messaging services.

You can use the EFF’s canned message sender to voice your concern to House of Lords in UK.

Good Darknet Diaries episode on “mercenary malware” like Pegasus and Predator and how governments are being outed for purchasing these surveillance tools and using them to spy on their own citizens (journalists, dissidents, political opposition). Wild stories from the people on the front lines who uncovered this stuff.

A rare positive development in California today on the privacy front (essentially establishing the same “right to be forgotten” afforded EU citizens under GDPR). Normally projects attempting to influence legislation I think are less promising than ones attempting to shape or educate the market, however in this case it could be energy well spent to slingshot off this win and leverage the momentum and do an awareness campaign in other states and at the Federal level in the US.