Progress Update: Mar 2024

The main focus this past month has been Message Everywhere. I spent zero cycles on Problemattic in March and instead have been managing technical interns who are doing Bubble dev for the Message Everywhere roadmap.

Other Wins

I have been tinkering a bit with LangChain for building LLM-powered applications and using n8n specifically to build in a nocode environment. This is purely exploratory R&D work currently but it has huge potential. This idea of creating agents and arming them with tools and then giving them a goal is consistent with how I thought about the automation system “Leviathan” I built for Pagely back in the day so I’m already onboard with this design.

What I’m Thinking

The next global summit for HATCH is end of this month and coincidentally is taking place in my home state Arizona. I just got tickets to fly back for that and I’ll be presenting on stage there about Problemattic. I’m scrambling to implement a set of customizations to Impact Portal as a Service (IPaaS) that will make the platform compelling as a way to facilitate collabs amongst Hatchers from this conference. This could be a perfect marriage as they have a high-power active community and I have the coordination fabric so I’m squarely focused on rolling the most important updates to support their community this month. That should strengthen the IPaaS story and could be the injection of capital, talent and awareness to get past the Cold Start problem.

Open Questions

It comes down to “what are the key features to implement to make this a must-have tool for participants?” There are some basic table stakes features around privacy & bulk member import that need to be there and then IMO it’s implementing what they want to see converting their in-person sticky note-based “Ask/Offer” process into something slick and automated. They’ve got this data in Gravity Forms for all attendees so this will involve adding the ask/offer data and then having some type of intelligent process for parsing it and connecting people. I should be able to use what I’ve been learning with n8n/LangChain to index all the ask/offers in a vector store db and then use a retrieval search and LLM to suggest help opps for each person.

Next Month’s Focus

Implementing the changes necessary to serve the HATCH community.
Project Success
Helping steer Message Everywhere dev.
Will be speaking at HATCH and doing a mini workshop with attendees.
Likely interviewing some of the attendees at HATCH but not putting any thought into this ahead of time.

Traffic Snapshot

The technical roadmap as always can be found here.