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Taking notes here at Build Day:

Risk/concerns to be mitigated:

  • Trust & Safety - predators feigning housing availability on the platform, students stealing stuff from the elderly people. How does AirBnb deal with this currently via room shares?
  • Reasonable expectation of chores/work the student will do in exchange for room & board
  • Technical sophistication of the elderly - likely not tech savvy enough to create a profile
  • Compatibility of the lifestyles and potential clashes (students partying / elderly quiet space)
  • Language & cultural barriers (can be mitigated by matching prefs)

A direct competitor doing this exact thing in PT market: site for matching Portuguese students and seniors

What about a pivot here away from elderly housing share to more “study abroad host families?” Weirdly doesn’t appear to be a centralized clearinghouse for this…

  • WorkAway as a competitor in this space (not from the elderly cross-generational aspect necessarily but from working in exchange for accoms)
  • Couch Surfing as competitor in terms of free short term stays for nomads (but not really students)

Competitive services per ChatGPT

  1. CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange): CIEE is a nonprofit organization that offers international study, exchange, and internship opportunities, including hosting students from 55 countries in host families across the United States. They operate a large network of host families and schools, aiming to foster cultural exchange and learning​​.
  2. Cambridge Network: Focuses on providing accommodations for international and foreign exchange students studying in the United States, ensuring that the homestay fulfills the needs associated with studying in a new country. They emphasize matching students with host families that are the right fit for them​​.
  3. International Student Exchange (ISE): ISE offers opportunities for families to host foreign exchange students, enriching local communities and schools with new perspectives and cultural exchanges. They focus on mutual understanding between different cultures​​.
  4. partnered with StudentRoomStay (SRS): This partnership aims to assist students in finding the perfect homestay through a unique matching system that considers students’ preferences and school locations. They charge a one-time matching fee for their services​​.

Revenue model ideas:

  • charging for added verification options and insurance