What constitutes an acceptable project for the Problemattic platform?

As of Jan 1, 2024 we currently support projects of three different types:

  1. Open Source: these are open initiatives that can be DAO’s and other web3 entity classifications. They intend to release any assets either into the public domain or under a standard recognized OSS license (default is the MIT License unless otherwise specified).
  2. For-profit: these are projects which intend to become companies whether they be LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp or any other number of entity structures. They may or may not choose to raise money but their intent is to become a startup.
  3. Non-profit: these projects intend to become NGO’s, foundations, 501c(3)'s or some other such designation (the key being that they intend to not retain earnings and opt for a charitable status).

Assuming your project falls under one of the above classifications then the next question is, “What is your project intending to do?

You can read more about the Problemattic ethos via our Learn More page and via a podcast I did early-on by that title. The goal of this whole effort is to create the citizen-powered platform for solving world problems. We do this through leverage by creating apps, marketing campaigns, websites, courses and initiatives that can be executed digitally and built via remote collaboration. Eligible projects will be ones that:

Other than that feel free to propose a project and the worst case is it’s declined.

Problemattic’s model is co-invest in the projects it incubates. We take a small token allocation that you, the project owner, get to dictate at the time you submit. This is one of many variables we use in how we allocate promotion, our energy in going above and beyond to recruit outside talent, project resources, connections, case studies, external promotion, etc.

Post any questions you have. As always this is an evolving experiment and I’ll update these criteria as we gain a better vantage point and/or clarifications are warranted.