What is Problemattic's revenue model?

Problemattic has three revenue sources:

  • Sponsorships
  • 10% commission on successful bounties
  • Small token carve out in projects
  1. Sponsorships cover the costs of in-person events. Any overage is treated as income to the company and either put towards bounty or kept as retained earnings.
  2. Problemattic takes a 10% commission on bounties successfully completed and paid out via the platform. This fee comes out of the crowdfunded bounty so that a bounty funded to $10k will pay $1k to Problemattic on successful completion and $9k to the winning project distributed pro-rata amongst its token holders.
  3. Project owners allocate between 2-15% stake in their project to Problemattic when they submit it for proposal. Problemattic is treated as any other token holder and receives its portion of a successfully fulfilled bounty alongside the project’s other token holders.

This revenue model ensures alignment of stakeholder incentives and enables Problemattic to sustain and grow its operation.

Note: Stripe (our payment processor) charges a 3% discount rate so if you load $100 into your account via your credit card you’ll see $97 of spendable USD in your trading balance. For larger funds transfers contact us transfers -at- problemattic.app for wires, ACH and alternate funding methods to avoid the Stripe fees.