How does the referral program work?

The goal of the referral program is to align incentives and reward others for originating quality contributors to the platform. It’s open to anyone and works like this:

Go to your Dashboard then the Referrals tab:
You’ll see a page like this that has your unique referral link:

You can copy/paste that link or write a custom message and use the social media icons to one-click post to your social media accounts. Anyone who comes via your link and ends up signing up will be attributed to you and you’ll be able to see what they produce on the platform.

Additionally if any of those people end up creating a project that gets approved where there is a token issued, you’ll receive 20% of Problemattic’s cut of that issuance as a finder’s fee.

This gives you both recognition on that project page as well as ownership stake. The idea is that this mechanism can be used both within a city to incentivize promotion of an event as well as for unlocking new cities and spreading the word outside of the existing locales.

When paired with custom QR codes on physical posters the Referral program is a powerful alignment tool for crowdsourcing the promotion of the platform and giving you an opportunity to earn a small percentage stake across a broad number of projects.

Referral links work via cookies on first-in based attribution so if visitor originates via your referral link initially but fails to signup on the first visit then comes back via Person X’s referral link, it will log attribution to the first referral link assuming they’re using the same browser and haven’t cleared their cookies.